e/motion - Bjorn Schaller

extended thru February 25th, 2017

Bjorn is originally known for his work as a film composer, music producer and sound mixer. After having worked in the Los Angeles post production environment for over 20 years, Bjorn was ready to get out of the dark rooms and start something new. Three years ago, his interest in photography and directing sparked the idea to create The Silent Gallery. Now, after a few art films, Bjorn is about to finish his first two feature length documentaries. One of his films will capture the history of "Laserium" and combining music with lasers. The other documentary “Sky People” will focus on the Chumash Natives and astronomers that would gather around Mt. Pinos.

After spending quality time shooting moving picture, the urge to produce still images was knocking on the door. The new concept that he wanted to focus on was incorporating time and movement into a still image - and the Motion Blur Series was born.

The Motion Blur Series shows us the energy and time of a moving person in our environment. Sometimes, colors are muted to give more space to the observer.