Gary Palmer - Black on White


Gary Palmer
Black on White

April 5 - April 24, 2014
Opening reception: Saturday, April 5, 2014 6-9 pm

Silent Gallery is pleased to present
Black on White, an exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Gary Palmer. This series of work features contemporary interpretations of traditional landscapes and figures in Japanese Sumi ink.

Palmer distills interpretations of form, inviting a dialogue between Eastern and Western traditions. Subtle inflections in an abstract line reveal a horizon in a landscape. Fluid gestures reduce form to a movement, reflecting the origins of pictorial language.


Interpreting ancient modes of painting by distilling traditional forms, the work is intended as means of highlighting unique moments within the repetition of almost identical gestures. The moments that allow us to recognize ourselves, and one another as human within a modern life so governed by the digital world of technology. As many of us find ourselves speaking to machines, or repeating the same tasks over and over, we become reluctant to reveal the vulnerable nature of our humanity, and so doing we can hide away our uniqueness. Alternatively we can allow it a more subtle expression. The work seeks to highlight the poetic aspect of our nature in an environment in which the machine tends to dominate our minds.

Brief Biography

Gary Henry Palmer is a painter from Belfast, Northern Ireland, currently living in Venice, California. With MA in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh, he traveled around the world as a street-painter. Palmer’s work is held in the collection at the Ulster Museum, Belfast, and many private collections in the US. He participates in international street-painting events worldwide and was invited to the Biennial del Sur in Panama last year. His current works are abstract paintings intended for contemplation on the ‘nature’ of nature.