Mark Pedersen

Mark Pedersen’s passion for photography was born from his love for astronomy: spending hours capturing the night sky. From starry nights to event photography, Mark has been exploring the medium’s diversity for years.

 In 1994, he started assisting John Bennett, shooting large format film photography.  In 2001, Mark returned to his initial passion: astronomy, which had suddenly become a mainstream hobby. He is currently working on developing an Advanced Photographic method system and has been further exploring super fast telephoto lenses.

He continues to shoot, mostly outdoors, inspired by Nature and the diverse Colorado landscapes. His fascination for the sky is ever-present whether by day or night. In 2011, he produced his first photography book “In the Spirit of Colorado.”

The past five years Mark has been exploring abstract photography. He finds symbols, faces or animals hidden within the details of the photograph, which he then brings to life by mirroring, cutting and assembling details of the image.