Union - Emma Ferreira & Javiera Estrada

February 8th - 28th, 2014


Silent Gallery proudly presents the union, balance and strength found through the work of two talented women photographers : Emma Ferreira and Javiera Estrada.

Javiera Estrada's recent series of photographs 'Salt & Sea' is a dialogue between feminine energy and water.  The human body, made essentially out of water, is strongly affected -- particularly women -- by the lunar cycles, movements of the tide/sea. The salt reinforces the idea of the feminine: it is linked to the Earth (often coined as a female Goddess in numerous cultures and mythologies) and has strong healing properties. Both water and salt are basic vital survival elements. The juxtaposition of black and white, present both in format and concept, underlines the notion that darkness and light are necessary: enlightening elements that create balance. 

Emma Ferreira's photographs, presented at Silent Galllery, are a celebration of women power. In this body of work, Emma captures the delicate yet strong female essence. She depicts women as the center force of a changing world, a consciousness shift . According to the artist, this awareness change is due to a 'coming to life', a questionning, and a realization that the dreams and illusions that we were told were unattainable (or far from reach) are now being reconsidered as plausible realities. We are the architects of our lives, our world. And women are at the core of this paradigm shift: bringing life (literally) into this world and dramatically impacting the future of the human race. 


Emma Ferreira was born in Buckinghamshire and educated in London, England. Her photographic training nurtured her natural instincts to represent the human form through a meditative approach, beyond the external appearance of the individual. She captures the essence of her subjects by photographing them in a bold, yet reserved manner, revealing both energy and emotion. Emma's work has evolved from mixed media and textured oil paint to her current body of photography: an ethereal representation, often produced by way of a unique photographic printing method on clear or acrylic glass.  

Emma has played an active role in the art world since 1998, revered as a preeminent Los Angeles young mixed media artist. Her work has since been auctionned at Christie's Beverly Hills and is sold to private estates, corporate collections and is exhibited at galleries internationally. She is regularly featured in publications (such as...) alongside iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Herb Ritts, Roy Liechtenstein and Marc Chagall. 


Javiera Estrada was born in Acapulco (Mexico), and grew up between the U.S (East Coast) and Mexico. She is a classically trained pianist and violinist - a musical influence which has impacted her visual works - who received her photographic education at Santa Monica College (ranked amongst the best photography schools in the country). She was selected to receive the grant of excellence, and honored a mentorship program (given every 3 years). 

She has since exhibited at numerous galleries, including Robert Berman Gallery, Ethos and 508 Gallery. She recently participated in a juried show at SmashBoxStudios, for which she won second place.

Javiera EstradaLife, Death, 36x37"  

Javiera Estrada - Union, 37x37"

Javiera Estrada - El Matador, 17x17" 

 Emma Ferreira -  Tower Noir, 13.5x19"

 Emma Ferreira -Seduction, 40x40"

Emma Ferreira -Mon Cheri, 27x34"

Emma Ferreira The Other Side of Me, 13.5"x19"